Survey programming
Our professional survey programmers are servicing clients’ needs around the clock utilizing 6 different survey platforms – Decipher (Beacon), ConfirmIt, SPARQ, NetMR, LUMI and Sawtooth. We are also providing additional services such as interactive tools creation, media preparation, custom reporting, API setups, custom data outputs, conjoint design and analysis, mobile solutions, front and back-end web development.
Quality Assurance
The Quality Assurance team performs visual tests on all survey links programmed by BOR or third party vendors using automation tools developed in-house and based on testing scenarios, prepared for the particular survey. Our QA team performs cross-platform and cross-device testing to ensure correct survey behavior, data gathering and optimal respondent experience.
Data processing
The Data processing team specializes in the full range of DP related tasks such as: data checks and cleaning, weighting and data re-formatting, tabulations setup and QA, OE coding, sampling and reporting. We are using a mixture of data processing tools to match the client expectations, outputting all data formats common for the market research industry.
Project Management
Completely integrated in our clients’ teams and with vast experience in the field, our project managers perform the full range of tasks related to the sample only and full service projects lifecycle. The regional and account structure of the teams ensures product quality and on time data delivery.
Pricing Services
The Pricing team is responsible for the whole sales process execution - from initial customer contact through the solution definition to sale and implementation. We are offering our clients consultancy around improving feasibility and decreasing costs, based on years of experience and knowledge of the local markets. We build and maintain client relationships to ensure client satisfaction.